Healthy Eating On-The-Go

Being busy is not an excuse to throw healthy eating out the window. Yes, it may be a little harder to get in healthy meals when you’re on-the-go, but with a little thought and planning ahead, it is possible.

The problem that many women encounter on busy days is not only making unhealthy choices, but not eating ENOUGH throughout the day…and then just completely going crazy at night and eating everything in sight. Sound familiar?

Well, one way to solve that problem is to eat enough during the day, and there is really NO reason why you can’t get in some decent healthy meals and snacks, even when you have to eat on the run. Just make sure to stay stocked up on portable, healthy foods, and you absolutely can stay on track even on those busy, on-the-go days.

Here are some of my favorite healthy, convenience foods:
-Tuna packets (ranch is my fave!)
-Protein bars(Quest, Mission1, NitroTech crunch are good ones)
-Hard boiled eggs(you can  buy these at the store so you don’t even have to make them)
-Overnight oats (takes 5 minutes at night to make, and you can make them ahead for every day of the week)
-Whey protein(keep a scoop of protein in a shaker…and just add water when you need a quick snack!)
-Baby carrots
-String cheese
-Rice cakes

These may not be PERFECT options, but screw perfect. It’s better than just snacking on junk food all day. Sometimes it’s not about eating perfect, but just doing as good as you can. It doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”.

And for meals, here are some quick and easy ideas that require minimal, if any cooking:

-Protein shake + banana + handful of nuts
-Overnight oats made with oats, peanut butter and whey protein
-2 hard boiled eggs + an apple

-Any of the breakfast options
-Grilled chicken salad(can use a pre-cooked chicken breast like this)
-Tuna packet + apple +string cheese
-Greek yogurt + rice cake + banana
-Deli meat +triscuits+apple

-Rotisserie chicken + frozen veggies + potato
-Pre-cooked chicken breasts + bagged salad+canned corn
-Tuna + frozen veggies + microwave rice cup
-Canned chicken breast+spaghetti sauce+pasta+steamed veggies

-Protein bar
-Apple + nuts
-Tuna packet + string cheese
-Rice cake + peanut butter

If you have to eat out, you can almost always find some decent food choices at most restaurants. My “go-tos” are a burrito bowl or salad at Qdoba, or a grilled chicken sandwich or grilled nuggets from Chick-fil-a.

Like I always say, just because you can’t eat “perfect”doesn’t mean you  have to go totally off the rails and eat candy bars and fast food every meal. If you really want to, you can make it happen!

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