21 Ways to be Awesome(& Get a Great Physique in The Process)

1.Lift heavy

Just do it.

2.Train like an athlete

Power, strength, and speed-work on it.


Because picking up heavy stuff is fun.


Barbell, goblet squat, bodyweight squat, whatever-just do your squats.

5. Do finishers after your strength training

Finish off your workout with 5-10 minutes of intense, short burst exercises like jump rope, sprints, battle ropes, or kettlebell swings.

6.Don’t diet

Eat to fuel your workouts!

7.Eat protein every meal

That is, if you want to build muscle and lose fat.

8.Stop trying to “tone” and start training to GROW

Toning=building muscle and losing fat. That’s all.

9.Go for a walk outside every day

It’s just good for the soul.

10. Don’t neglect mobility work

Unless you don’t want to move well.

11.Do handstands

Because they’re cool and impressive.

12.Eat carbs

Carbs=muscle, energy, and strength. Eat them.


For muscle building and fat loss, you can’t beat sprints.

14.Get enough sleep

Because it’s good for you.

15.Jump rope

A simple tool to use for fat loss, conditioning, and athleticism.

16.Take rest days

They’re crucial for recovery and injury prevention.

17.Eat vegetables

If I can do it, you can do it! All for the nutrients and fiber!

18. Do lots of pullups

Because there’s nothing cooler than a woman who can bang out multiple pullups!

19.Push or pull a prowler or sledĀ 

Because it’s simple and great for conditioning and fat loss-just load it up and push!

20. Eat the yolks

Because protein, vitamins, Omega-3s…and deliciousness.

21. Do farmer’s walks

Upper body strength, grip work, and conditioning combined…Why would you not?