My fitness journey began when I started weight training at 13 years old. As soon as I picked up my first dumbbell, I was hooked.


My love for fitness led me to get a degree in exercise science from the University of Louisville, and I have been a personal trainer for 7 years now. Health and fitness is truly my passion. My ultimate goal is to show women that they can lift heavy weights without the fear of getting "huge" or looking like a man. The truth is, strength training is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself as a woman; not only for the many health benefits, but also for the confidence it brings and the way it can transform your body.


My training and nutrition philosophy is all about balance. I don’t believe you have to follow certain rules or restrict yourself from all of your favorite foods. I don’t believe in killing yourself with intense workouts every single day or doing hours and hours of endless, boring cardio. There IS a better way, and I want to help you find it!


“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle” -Unknown