Do What You Love

While I do think that there are certain forms of exercise that are more effective than others(strength training over aerobics, for example!), what it ultimately comes down to in fitness is finding something that you love, something that gets you excited and keeps you motivated, something that you couldn’t imagine your life without.

For me, that’s lifting heavy and getting stronger; it’s training like an athlete and pushing myself to the limit with short but intense workouts.

No longer do I find bodybuilding routines fun, and I’ve never EVER enjoyed running or doing traditional cardio. I’d much  rather jump rope or run sprints.  That’s what I love– it’s what makes me feel good, like I’m doing what my body was meant to do. It’s what gets me excited every day to go to the gym!

I’m not a big fan of aerobics, dance classes, or Zumba, BUT– if that is what you love and what keeps you motivated to get to the gym every day, then that’s what you should do! Doing what you enjoy is the way to ensure that you will stick with your fitness routine for the long run.

That doesn’t mean you should never try something new, or something out of your comfort zone, but if you absolutely hate doing something and have no passion for it, then find something that you enjoy and can stick with for the long run. That may be kickboxing, running, biking, weight lifting, bodybuilding, Zumba, P90x, CrossFit, or even just walking. Anything that gets your body moving is going to be better than doing NOTHING at all.

Just remember that some things may take a while to grow on you, so don’t give up on something just because it’s not much fun to you at first. If you’ve never lifted weights before, and you hate it at first-just stick with it and give it time, and you just may get hooked(I bet you will)! 🙂