Sample Week of Training

Here is what a week of workouts look like for me. I’m only in the gym for about an hour. I’m focusing on building up my glutes, so I train them three times a week. My “cardio” comes in the form of 1-2 finishers a week after my workouts, usually Farmer’s walks or sled pushes.

Upper Body + Glutes
1)Clean and jerk + push presses: 3-5×3-5
2a)Dumbbell chest press: 3-5 x 6-8
2b)Weighted pullups: 5×5
3a)Face pulls or pull-aparts: 3×12
3b)Hanging leg raises: 3×8-10

Glute circuit:(changes week to week)
Weighted back extensions x10
Pull-throughs x10
Band walks
3-4 rounds minimal rest

Lower Body
1)Box jump: 3×5
2) Front Squat: 3-5×3-5
3) Deadlift: 3-5×3-5
4a) GHR: 4×6-8
4b)Ab wheel or TRX pikes: 3×12
5a)Calf raises: 4×10-20
5b)Band clams: 3×20

Upper Body

1)Bench press: 3-4×3-6
2a)Single arm dumbbell press: 3×8-10
2b)Cable rows: 3×8-10
3a)Face pulls or TRX reverse flyes: 3×15-20
3b)Bicep curls: 2×15
4)Lateral raise: 2×15
Lower Body
1)BB hip thrust: 3×8-10
2)Back squats: 3×8-10
3)RDLs: 3×8-10
4)Bulgairan split squats: 3×8-10
5)Cable or seated abductions: 3×12-15
Finisher-Prowler sprints or sled drags


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