When Discouragement Sets In…

I have days when I feel small and puny.
I have days when I think that my legs will never grow.
I have days when I think that I’ve gained all the muscle I’ll ever gain.
I have days when I feel skinny fat.
I have days when I feel weak.
I have days when my mind is filled with self doubt and negativity.

So what do I do when discouragement sets in?

I remind myself how far I’ve come-how my shoulders are rounder, my back is thicker, my abs are leaner, and my legs are fuller than they were 2 years ago. I think about how strong I am- how I can bust out pullups and throw my bodyweight up over my head.
I think about how awesome it makes me feel to train hard-seeing what my body is capable of, pushing myself to the limit, feeling my heart racing, my muscles burning, the sweat dripping from my face.
I dismiss all negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. I visualize myself where I want to be. I make myself go in and put in the work day after day, knowing that it HAS and will continue to pay off.
I focus on my performance and setting goals, always striving to be better. I remind myself why I  train-for my health, my quality of life, to be strong, and to feel good. I remind myself to have fun and enjoy the journey.

So moral of the story is, you can either let discouragement bring you down, wallow in your misery, give up, quit, and let the negativity win. OR you can let discouragement fuel you to keep going, to to keep working hard, to focus on the positive and to believe in yourself.

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